Creative Services

How We Work

Our experience, expertise and reputation create powerful ideas that change minds. We believe the critical component of this responsibility is to approach each project from the target audience’s perspective.

Therefore it is essential that we understand the consumer and develop brilliant insights that drive powerful ideas. The Radish Creative Group team is highly experienced and committed to developing and executing smart and effective strategic ideas/plans that deliver measurable results.

A conversation is the beginning of our process: Listening, learning, sharing and discussing goals and objectives with our client. Based on what we learn, we then begin developing the marketing strategy, which follows a few strategic steps: Research; a clear understanding of WHO we’re talking to and strategy development.

Research Process

  1. We listen and learn from our clients
  2. We learn everything secondary research has to say about the topic
  3. We determine the need for additional primary research

Creative Development

Once the strategy is in place, the fun begins. This is where the creative juices really start to flow and ideas are born. The Radish Creative team will conceptualize and design a general video that is visually and emotionally captivating while still being grounded in the strategic goals that have been detailed for the project. We’ll discuss, finely tune and hone the concept/script and fully develop it in order to move on  to the next stage: Production.


In the history of Radish Creative Group’s productions, time management has been one of our  most reliable qualities. We begin our production process with a budget, a treatment detailing  the director’s vision, and a detailed schedule of the entire production process. This schedule  is a roadmap for our clients to follow along with us during every step of the process. Again, we  want you to be informed. This schedule includes, pre-production, casting, client approvals of casting, pre-production meeting, production, sample (rough) animation, client approvals of rough edit, and final edit (on-line) and mastering. Although schedules offer a structure, we understand that there are often many parties to the client review process and therefore adjust accordingly. Radish Creative’s experience working with a diverse clientele has provided us with the knowledge that clients like to be informed, included, and have their product delivered on time.

As an award-winning production company that has produced hundreds of commercials and documentaries, we made the conscious decision to develop our own studio, equipped with the latest editing and audio post systems. We understand that state of the art equipment is only the beginning. The talent behind the equipment is what matters most. Radish’s roster of award-winning editors and audio engineers is filled with some of Michigan’s finest. In these economic times, we have sculpted a formula for elevating our  production creativity and quality, but somehow lowering our overall costs. How do we do this? Simply by keeping overhead low and expectations for our work at an all- time high.

Why It Works

How do we stay so versatile? How are we able to accomplish so much, on such a tight deadline and exceed expectation? These are questions that have been broached to us several times by clients. The answer is not as surprising as the results. Over the years we have built relationships with some of the most talented people in the area and have created a network of specialists that allow us to utilize a plethora of resources for every project. We bring in the RIGHT people, based on their expertise and skills.

The benefits of this model are numerous, the most important being unparalleled creative and production  done in an efficient workspace. This allows us to provide our clients with exemplary work at a cost that was not possible in an archaic agency atmosphere.