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Over the past 18 years, Amy and her team at Radish have developed, written and produced over 40 award- winning educational documentaries dealing with youth issues and education, ranging from everything from violence in schools and developing healthy relationships to teen suicide and child abuse. Amy has spent the majority of her life mentoring young people, both personally and through her role as a filmmaker. She is recognized as one of the top educational producers in the nation by distribution giant, Films Media Group, under which most of her programming has been distributed and/or acquired.

Amy is considered a filmmaker of the future by many of her colleagues and network executives, who have witnessed first hand her effective and relatable approach to reaching and empowering youth with her programming. She continues to develop topical ideas that not only expose the problems that youth faces, but offers the rare follow though of formulating the answers on how to treat and prevent them from surfacing again.

In 2010, Radish completed its first feature length film, Annabelle & Bear . Co-written and directed by Amy Weber, the film garnered national attention, making rounds through the film festival circuit and winning many awards along the way. Annabelle & Bear  also had the most honorable distinction of being championed by Brighton Hospital and the entire substance abuse recovery community as they are heralding the film as one of the best films in years to deal with the topic of substance abuse.

In 2015, Amy will debut her second full-length feature, The Bully Chronicles  (working title). This highly-anticipated, revolutionary film, that explores the bully's perspective, is the result of Amy's passionate crusade meant to empower kids of all ages to find their voice and to live as their truest selves. Amy's extensive knowledge and experience as an educator has led her to this life-changing mission. The film will be released in February 2015.

• Testimonial •

"[The Bully Chronicles  is] One of the most profound movies you will ever see. A rare and deeply insightful probe into the complex world of the social and psychologicalpolitics of the bullying epidemic we are steeped in. You will leave transformed."
Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D.Author, Clinical Psychologist, Speaker.

"[The Bully Chronicles  is]  Harrowing, haunting, touching. This movie is going to have a wide impact."
Barnet Bain,Producer, What Dreams May Come, Homeless to Harvard

"[The Bully Chronicles  is]  One of the most important films of our time, and certainly the most profound film anyone will ever see on the topic of bullying and the youth experience. Even though I have dedicated so much time and effort into the bullying prevention movement and consider myself knowledgeable on the topic, The Bully Chronicles  had an incredible impact on me and shifted a perspective that I had not really thought about. It opened my mind about how we all might address it so that bullying really does come to an end.” 
Tyler Gregory, Teenager, National Spokesperson Great American NO BULL Challenge | Teen Video Awards

"This film [The Bully Chronicles]  is the best I have seen on the bullying problem in schools, the perspective is from two points of view, bully and victim. In my opinion this is the only way to break the cycle of bullying, for if we don’t understand the bully and the reasons why they bully we cannot solve the issue. EVERY school in this country should watch this film (you’ll know why after you see it)!” 
Eric Hipple, Former Detroit Lion and Outreach Specialist/University of Michigan Depression Center

"A Brogan Life is a show that has to be produced. It’s a great concept and it’s time for this topic to be addressed. Our readers would be super interested and supportive. It’s a very exciting project and would love to see it succeed!" 
Rachell Arteaga, KidScreen,
Women’s Media Center, New York, NY